A Racing Biscuit: Seabiscuit

Smith and Seabiscuit (Credit: Wikipedia)

Because horses are history too and because your bloghostess has written too many tragic posts you are now subjected to the life of a race horse. If my “horse terms” are not correct feel free to comment on it so that it … Continue reading

Voyage to Nowhere: MS St. Louis

St. Louis in Havan (Credit: Wikipedia)

It would be a voyage to remember; whether it ended happily or whether it didn’t. One thing was for sure — it wasn’t going to be a picnic for Captain Gustav Schroeder. The Nazi regime had a way of working … Continue reading

Head for the Hills: Johnstown Flood

View of the broken dam looking from bed of lake (Credit: Library of Congress)

The year was 1889. The South Fork Dam in Pennsylvania had existed since 1838 when construction began on it (but was not actually finished until 1852). For years there had been talk about the possibility of the dam giving way … Continue reading

“We’re Holding Our Own”: SS Edmund Fitzgerald

SS Edmund Fitzgerald (Courtesy Wikipedia)

On 10 November 1975 a ferocious storm swirled over Lake Superior, the result of two weather systems clashing. It was one of the worst storms in the collective memory of many experiencing it. And caught in the middle was the … Continue reading