New Harmony & Spring

New Harmony, Indiana was first settled in 1814 by German pietists known as Rappites. When they moved to Pennsylvania, New Harmony was sold to Robert Owen. Owen attempted to create a utopia, but failed. But you know what they say “Third time’s the charm” and today it is a town known mainly as a historic attraction. There are also some old cabins there that have been preserved.

On a  more springy note:


40 thoughts on “New Harmony & Spring

  1. Beautiful New Harmony on the Wabash. I am from the other side of the state (Rushville in Rush County) and only visited that area a few times. The Evansville area is nice. Headed up for a visit in a few days!


  2. There are some pretty areas here in Evansville and a few historic places. There’s a park up in Lynnville, IN that I’m sure is really nice this time of year. Have a nice trip and thank for reading!


  3. Thanks, you managed to remind me of home, well sort of, it was the other end of the state, close to Valparaiso. And then college at Purdue, not to mention the Junior trip to Turkey Run.

    By the way, when we there for a wedding, my brother-in-law and I discovered that our Purdue Alumni cards would not buy us dinner, at the Union, in Bloomington!

    Gorgeous photos, and good history. Thanks again.


  4. Wow ! Great pictures J.G ! I certainly would not call that a poor attempt at photography,I think it was a most wonderful one at least.:) They certainly came out better than mine do.
    That is SO cool, to have all those historical places around you. I would love to visit Indiana one day, along with other places that I would like to see one day.:)


    • Your very welcome indeed.:) I did too, it seems like you think well my state has no history until you look, dig and find out for yourself that there is history in every state. You just have to dig for it a bit more in certain states.


    • New England States have a rich history, being as they went through the Revolution. Indiana also has history pertaining to the Revolution via Vincennes. Ten you’ve got the Western States that were being settled in the era when photographs were available.


    • I’ll have to jump in and say even up north we managed a little, very little, Revolutionary history. There is the grave of a Revolutionary War veteran in Rolling Prairie. Once, I knew a bit more but can’t remember anymore.


    • Yep, and it’s quite a story, I used to know where the farm was but haven’t been back in years. Wikipedia is as good as any source I know of:

      Indeed that is the soldier, Thanks, that was nice and quick. I hadn’t recalled that he was an officer though, although I was reasonably sure he had come from either Pennsylvania or New York. He must have been a tough one, living till 1836.


    • “He must have been a tough one, living till 1836.”

      Must have been! In Dale there is a James Jones (incidentally my G-G-G-G-Grandfather) who was a soldier during the revolution. He was originally from PA but immigrated to NC then to KY. He died in IN while on his way to visit his son and was buried in Dale.He died in 1851. I always tended to believe the majority of people didn’t live long then. Guess I was wrong.


    • I suspect, and I’m pretty much guessing here, is that infant/child mortality skews the the life expentancy numbers badly, and if they lived into adulthood, they probably lived a reasonably long life. God knows they kept in shape, I can’t imagine the amount of sheer walking they did.

      As an interesting little factoid, a good many years ago I was a trustee of my home church, in Wanatah, with responsibility for the cemetery. I had always sort of wondered why it was just across the county line (in Porter Co.). There it was in the records, the first person butied was a girl (about 8-10 as I recall) who died of scarlet fever (or similar) and the body could not be transported across the county line.


  5. “New England States have a rich history, being as they went through the Revolution. Indiana also has history pertaining to the Revolution via Vincennes. Ten you’ve got the Western States that were being settled in the era when photographs were available.”

    Yes, they do have lots of history up there. Some of my family lives up there and they have said that there is so much too do and see, if u are interested in history.
    Ah yes. Vincennes, I just read about that in my history book. Such a interesting history book this year ! I went to our state park a week ago to meet some cousins that I hadn’t seen in a while and it was nice. They even had a small museum there too, it was a few hours south of us. But it was certainly most worth the drive to see family and history at the same time, here in the south.


  6. What wonderful pics!! You did a good job on them! And the facts too. I’m a big picture taker,and nature is the best thing (for me anyway) to take pics of-ah,I love the spring! 🙂


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