Guest Post Notification

I’ve done a guest post on Joe CombsTitanic blog, if any of you are interested. The post is on the discovery of RMS Titanic by the joint American-French expedition, and Robert Ballard’s subsequent exploration of the wreck. The post is titled “The Elusive Lady : The Discovery and Exploration of RMS Titanic“.

Below you will find Titanic related photographs. All photographs in the first video are courtesy of the Library of Congress and Wikipedia.



8 thoughts on “Guest Post Notification

  1. Excellent photos. My family came from Woolston Southampton, an area seeped in history. The Titanic must have been one of the most famous ships to leave Southampton Docks in the past but most communities in the area were affected by the tragedy.
    The Queen Mary maybe next and more recently the QE2.


    • I’m glad you like them Diana. The titanic disaster certainly took a toll on Southampton. Co many crewmen lost that were from that area.

      Ah yes, Cunard’s Queens. Now there’s ships for you! I’m a bit partial to the QM2 (second only to Titanic, for me). Thanks for stopping by.


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