A Tweak Here, A Tweak There

Credit: Library of CongressAfter much consideration, I have decided to drop my blogging schedule altogether. It seemed probable that I would be able to hold out until this blog’s second anniversary, but that is not to be. I have so much research on my hands right now it is proving to be a bit difficult to juggle that and blogging at the same time. While the schedule is being done away with I will continue blogging, just not as often.

Well after nearly 2 years of sticking to a schedule here are the stats for Map of Time. The top five visitors came from the nations of United States (38,000 views), United Kingdom (5,500 views), Canada (4,400 views), Australia (2,700 views) and France (1,500 views). Total views have amounted to over 70,000 and more than 3,400 comments now grace Map of Time; comments are about the best part of blogging — many thanks to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts. Speaking of comments, I would like to extend a special thanks to Catherine, Marsha, Metan and Stefano who have provided laughs and taken part in fun banters on various posts. If you haven’t already you may like to drop by their blogs.

Map of Time has had many new followers join the ranks and to them a hearty welcome is in order. To the many of you who have stuck around for months you have my sincere thanks (and sympathy! Two years of ships and tragedy — will she ever shut up and move on to happy posts?). And of course feedback is always welcomed. If there is any certain type of post you would like to see here on whatever event or person (or ship!) drop a comment or get in touch via the contact form.

In any case, thanks to each and everyone of you who make blogging such an enjoyable experience.


113 thoughts on “A Tweak Here, A Tweak There

    • Thank you, Diane. When one isn’t racking one’s brains out trying to get a post together it makes blogging much more enjoyable. 😉

      As a side note I intend to make time to continue reading everyone’s blogs!


  1. What about sending your readers on my blog Lest We Forget?

    It all started because of what my wife’s uncle told us in 2009 about being in the engine room of HMCS Athabaskan, a Canadian destroyer sunk on April 29, 1944. He was writing a letter home when the next thing he remembered was being aboard HMCS Haida. He did not want to talk more about it. I did not know anything about HMCS Athabaskan so I started searching and writing about it…

    This is the first of 383 posts on that blog.


    That blog was the starting point of more blogs about WWII.





    I could go on and on with this comment…

    The point I want to make is that once you start blogging, it’s hard to stop.

    I sure hope you won’t think this is a spam.



    • Nah, Askimet says it isn’t spam so guess that means you’re in the clear. 😉 I’m sure if any readers wish to read up on your blogs they’ll drop by since you’ve left links here.


  2. Phew!! For a minute there I thought you were quitting blogging all together. I have really had to cut down on my frequency for my blog as well because it was really starting to take over and I wasn’t getting anything else done. Just blog when you have the time, and we will be here waiting :).


  3. i only came to your blog recently and have enjoyed it. i totally understand your need to cut down on a self-imposed blogging sched, it can take over at times, to the detriment of other things going on in life. i completely agree that there is no way to stop writing and the joy that comes with sharing and getting response from readers. blog/write as the time and mood suit you and you will maintain the full joy of the experience. ) best, beth


    • Many thanks, Beth. It felt as if I had sacrificed quality for quantity lately, so yeah the change is welcomed. And it makes blogging all the more enjoyable that way.

      And I’m still giggling over your garbagemen post. WP should FP that one.


  4. I totally understand and glad that you will continue to blog as I enjoy your posts. In a couple of months I will have had my blog 6 yrs. I post weekly but have noticed this summer that it’s been more like every 10 days or so. Life can get busy and thinking of slowing mine down a bit. Will look forward to your posts when you have time 🙂


  5. I am just relieved that you will continue to blog in some manner, way, shape, form, schedule. I thoroughly enjoy your posts and will remain an avid reader no matter the frequency.
    And kudos to you for taking care of yourself by cutting back on what can be cut back upon. A lesson for us all.


    • Will do, Simon. I will put it down on my list of future posts. Just a quick look at a few newspaper articles, it appears there are a few interesting pieces not mentioned on Wikipedia. That should be fun to research!


  6. Dear J.G., I’m sure you are up to wonderful things. The important thing is that you are not quitting blogging for good. I wish you the best of luck for your projects and wishes.
    Francesca Xx


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