On the River: Evansville, Indiana

I think it’s safe to say that most major wars America has ever taken part in are represented on the riverfront in Evansville, Indiana. In some shape or form veterans and wars are memorialized.

The LST-325 stands as an ever-present witness to those who fought in World War II while further up the river marble stepping stones bear the names of others who served in that war.

Captain Henry Dexter’s 4-pounder cannon memorializes his deeds of the Civil War.

Evansville locals who died in the Vietnam War each have their names engraved in stone.

In memory of those who served in the Korean War – my uncle among them – a statue of two soldiers holding up a wounded comrade towers over a pedestal.

Evansville is no longer the busy shipping port it once was. Riverboats were not an uncommon sight in years gone by (and I might add, before my time) and during World War II the shipyards turned out quite a few LSTs. Nowadays recreational boats and barges ply the waters. The last I heard of a riverboat (the Delta Queen) coming to Evansville was in 2006 and then it was a novelty I missed as I was overseas at the time. That’s not to say we don’t have any riverboats. Because we have one. Sort of. The City of Evansville a.k.a. “the boat”, is a replica of the Robert E. Lee and functions as a casino (pictured below from a distance). While I’ve never seen it sail I believe it can as she is still required to carry a licensed crew.

In any case, I hope you enjoy the photographs. It seemed fitting since we are fast-approaching Veterans Day.


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49 thoughts on “On the River: Evansville, Indiana

    • Thanks, Ruth! And I’ve never been to any of those places with the exception of Indy. I hope to remedy that one day and push towards the northern border as I’ve heard there’s a fantabulous bookstore(s) up that way. :D


  1. Great post and interesting. Loved the pictures and the tribute they have for our military. I live in IL and should visit sometime in the future. I have driven through Indiana but didn’t really stop anywhere on my way through.


    • Thank you, glad you enjoyed. For the most part I think history – at least the more renowned incidents and people – seemed to have glossed over Indiana. We have some notable places such as Vincennes and Lincoln’s Boyhood Home, but compared to some States not so much. But it’s always interesting to study local history as there are always those little nuggets that fascinate.

      If you ever come to Evansville you should try to visit Henderson, KY just across the river. They have some interesting knick-knacks along the riverfront too. :)


    • Yes, I agree that some history dosen’t get as much attention. The town that I live in Batavia has a history. President Lincoln’s wife, Mary was reported to live in a mental institute here in town. The other story I heard was that she just lived here. There is no mental institute here now so not sure.

      Thanks for the idea of Henderson, KY, also.


    • That is interesting! Most towns have fascinating tidbits from history sometimes they just require a little digging. Thanks for sharing. The mention of Batavia reminds me of a shipwreck I had planned on writing about in the future. :)


  2. I had the pleasure of working LST-325 from the radio compartment of the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum’s B-17 “City of Savannah” a few years ago. It’s nice to see the other memorials in the area!


    • Alrighty, I searched out the local newspaper’s database (thankfully their archives were digitized not too long ago) and came up with this – that is going to be some very old wine!
      Time Capsule Article


    • No problem, I was curious about it too! “) I remember seeing another time capsule somewhere in town, but don’t recall if it was to be opened before or after this one. I’ll have to dig the photo out of the camera!


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