Printed Words

Here we are in March and I have  not posted one new article in the fresh new year. Boo-hoo, now I feel really bad. Bad, J.G.

Missing the Iceberg: The Life of David BlairLast October I received news that I would finally be “in print”. My biography of the Titanic’s original second officer, David Blair, had been accepted by the Titanic Historical Society and would be published in an upcoming edition of their quarterly journal. Because Blair didn’t actually sail after being slated from the maiden voyage he doesn’t get too much attention. Although in 2012 most of you likely heard about a man and the controversy surrounding him concerning a certain set of keys taken from Titanic. Yeah…that was Blair. However, since what most of us know about Blair and his Titanic experience has been rehashed A LOT I chose not to focus on that aspect of his life so instead you have an article that deals mostly with his early career, followed by his World War I service and then on to his swashbuckling adventures. It has been very rewarding experience writing Missing the Iceberg. Truth be told when first embarking on the months and months of research I didn’t really have an inkling of where it was going.

History Is Now

In addition to that, the digital magazine, HistoryIsNow, published an article – written by moi – about yet another sailor named David Porter. An Audacious Voyage recounts the adventures of Porter and the USS Essex during the War of 1812.

As for a real blog post, well…Currently I am trying to get together a post about three sets of history guests you would rather not invite to dinner. This is being done in collaboration with Nicole of Tiaras and Trianon. It has been in the works since January 2013 so I imagine she’s pretty sick of my promises of “Oh, yeah, I can get that together some time this month/later this week/blah-blah-blah” (yeah, it’s gotten pretty ridiculous. Bad, bad, J. G.). But since posting here has come to somewhat of a standstill it should actually come to fruition…soon. It will happen (it better). So in an effort to give the needed push in that direction I have set a deadline for April 30, in which case, if I still do not have that post written and ready for publishing you are all free to bombard Map of Time with shame-on-you comments.

Thanks to everyone who continues to read MoT and a hearty welcome aboard to all you new subscribers!


63 thoughts on “Printed Words

    • Many thanks, Cindy, now I’m blushing. 😉 Blogging has been a wonderful experience; each and everyone of you who have offered bits of encouragement and advice are who I’m really grateful to, as well.


  1. Congratulations. I actually know how exciting that is because I am being published for the first time this month too. It is a law review article and not as much fun as history but it will be like Christmas when I finally see it in print.


  2. Congratulations! – I have had a few of my pictures published in a religious magazine and occasionally run across what I have written in on-line church bulletins. Perhaps someday I will get interest from something with a larger circulation.


  3. I was so excited to see a new post from you! I wasn’t worried about your absence as I remembered you saying you would be doing some writing. Congratulations on being published!!! Very exciting and well deserved!
    I’ll look forward to hearing from you again by April 30th – no pressure 🙂


    • Thank you, Laurie, you’re too kind!

      Yeah…That. Post. I meant to do some of the research last weekend and the time just flew by it never happened. Yikes! 😀

      Thanks again!


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