Printed Words

Here we are in March and I have  not posted one new article in the fresh new year. Boo-hoo, now I feel really bad. Bad, J.G. Last October I received news that I would finally be “in print”. My biography … Continue reading

Head for the Hills: Johnstown Flood

The year was 1889. The South Fork Dam in Pennsylvania had existed since 1838 when construction began on it (but was not actually finished until 1852). For years there had been talk about the possibility of the dam giving way … Continue reading

Soldier & Emperor: Napoleon Bonaparte

On 15 August 1769 Napoleone di Buonaparte was born to Carlo and Leticia (Ramolino) Buonaparte in Ajaccio, Corisca. The fairly influential family of Italian heritage was of some substance. As a result Carlo was able to send Napoleone to study … Continue reading

Murder in the Pacific: Whaler Sharon

Howes Norris was married and the father of four when he shipped out as master of the whaler Sharon. He had made quite a few prosperous voyages in the past, hopefully this one would be too. Norris was a hard taskmaster, having … Continue reading

Property of His Country: Stephen Decatur Jr.

On 5 January 1779 Stephen Decatur Jr. was born to Stephen Sr. and Ann (Pine) Decatur in Berlin, Maryland. Stephen Sr. was a merchant mariner who had been a Patriot during the American Revolution. His father before him had also been a … Continue reading

Divided: Varina Banks Howell Davis

Varina Banks Howell was born on 7 May 1826 in Natchez, Missippi. Her parents, William and Margaret (Kemp) Howell, were fairly well-to-do. It is worth noting that William was a Northerner which would lead Southern born and raised Varina to … Continue reading