Dinner is Served

In collaboration with Nicole of that entertaining fountain of information, Tiaras and Trianon we would like to present a two piece article consisting of six sets of people in which we pair them off according to similar backgrounds or how … Continue reading

Signature Patriot: John Hancock III

On 23 January 1737 John Hancock III was born in Braintree, Massachusetts (present day Quincy) to John and Mary (Thaxter) Hancock. John III was the second of three children. As a boy John tagged along with future Patriot John Adams. Adams, incidentally, … Continue reading

The Outsider: Alexander Hamilton

On 11 January 1755 or 1757 (the date is uncertain, but for the sake of clarity we shall assume it is 1755) Alexander Hamilton was born to James Hamilton and Rachel Faucett on Nevis Island, a British territory  James was a … Continue reading

The Famous and Infamous

Last month I was surprised to see Stephen Liddell, at his blog by the same name, had tagged me for a virtual dinner party. Stephen’s blog is an interesting collection of posts focusing on different things. I especially enjoy the … Continue reading

First Lady: Martha Dandridge Custis Washington

Martha Dandridge, known as Patsy, was born on 2 June 1731 to John and Frances (Jones) Dandridge at the Dandridge home, Chestnut Grove in Virginia. Martha was the eldest of seven children. While the Dandridges were not as wealthy as … Continue reading

The Disgraced Hero: “Light Horse Harry” Henry Lee

Henry Lee III was born on 29 January 1756 to Henry Lee II and Lucy Grymes, a wealthy and prestigious family. The family home, Leesylvania was located outside of Dumfires, Virginia. Lee III proved a proficient child, excelling in his … Continue reading