Dinner is Served

In collaboration with Nicole of that entertaining fountain of information, Tiaras and Trianon we would like to present a two piece article consisting of six sets of people in which we pair them off according to similar backgrounds or how … Continue reading

Divided: Varina Banks Howell Davis

Varina Banks Howell was born on 7 May 1826 in Natchez, Missippi. Her parents, William and Margaret (Kemp) Howell, were fairly well-to-do. It is worth noting that William was a Northerner which would lead Southern born and raised Varina to … Continue reading

Marse Robert: Robert Edward Lee

On 19 January 1807 Robert Edward Lee was born to Henry and Ann (Carter) Lee in Westmoreland County, Virginia. His father, Henry Lee of Revolutionary War fame, left the family when Robert was six years old. He had left for … Continue reading

The Life and Death of a Steamer: SS Republic

In 1853 in a busy Baltimore shipyard, a sidewheel steamer destined to live through much history was born. The SS Tennessee’s beginning didn’t get off to such a roaring start. Her launch, set to take place on August 13th, was … Continue reading

The Welsh Explorer: Henry Morton Stanley

Henry Morton Stanley was a curious fellow. Prone to exaggeration, he had something akin to an inferiority complex. His abandonment by his mother and lack of a father figure while growing up caused Stanley to latch on to people he … Continue reading

The American Viking: David Glasgow Farragut

On July 5, 1801 James Glasgow Farragut was born in Tennessee to Jordi ‘George’ and Elizabeth Shine. Jordi was a Spanish immigrant and had been a merchant captain. He had gone on to serve in the American Revolution and marry … Continue reading