Recipe for Disaster: Search and Rescue in the Blizzard of ‘78

In February 1978 a blizzard hit the Northeast of the US. On land and on sea weather was wreaking  havoc. Around 5:00 PM on February 6, 1978 the oil tanker, Global Hope, contacted the Coast Guard in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The … Continue reading

On the Radar: The SS Andrea Doria and M/S Stockholm

During her time, the Andrea Doria was a celebrated ship known for her artistic qualities. Not only was she a favorite, more than adequate navigational equipment had been implemented, as well as numerous life saving devices. The Doria carried boats … Continue reading

Perils On the Sea: The Pendleton and Fort Mercer

It was 1952 and storms had been violent in northern New England. Out on the sea, waves were reaching 50+ feet high. One ship out in this was the Fort Mercer, a T2 tanker, en route from Norco, LA to … Continue reading