On a Pocket of Air and a Prayer: Laverne Herbert

Soooooo, according to popular consensus I have fallen off the face of the planet. I’ve actually wondered about that one myself. If reality hadn’t come around and smacked me in the face I would probably still be thinking that was true. … Continue reading

Screaming Fury: Vajont Dam Disaster

October 2013 saw the 50th anniversary of the Vajont Dam Disaster, an event that seems to have been overlooked by the anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination (perhaps it is like history repeating itself – after Kennedy’s death I was unable to find much … Continue reading

Misery on Lake Michigan: SS Carl D. Bradley

In July 1927 the Carl D. Bradley was finally fit for service in the Bradley Transportation Fleet. As one of the largest ships on the Great Lakes, the Bradley was received by the public of Rogers City, Michigan with great … Continue reading

Horror in the Pacific: USS Indianapolis

The USS Indianapolis was launched in late 1931 in New Jersey and by 1945 had seen her fair share of action. Commanded by respected captain Charles McVay, the Portland-class cruiser carried nearly 1,200 in crew. After delivering parts for the … Continue reading

At the Mercy of the Sea: SS Central America

In 1853 the sidewheel steamer George Law was launched. Later she would be renamed the Central America. Her last voyage began on the morning of 8 September 1857. She was carrying $1.5 million in gold. Her captain was William Lewis Herndon, … Continue reading

The Hungry Blaze: The Peshtigo Fire

For months the people of Peshtigo, Wisconsin and nearby towns of Marinette and Menominee had been looking for rain. The days turned into weeks and the weeks into months and still the rain refused to come. The dry conditions were only worsened by … Continue reading