On a Pocket of Air and a Prayer: Laverne Herbert

Soooooo, according to popular consensus I have fallen off the face of the planet. I’ve actually wondered about that one myself. If reality hadn’t come around and smacked me in the face I would probably still be thinking that was true. … Continue reading

Printed Words

Here we are in March and I have  not posted one new article in the fresh new year. Boo-hoo, now I feel really bad. Bad, J.G. Last October I received news that I would finally be “in print”. My biography … Continue reading

“We’re Holding Our Own”: SS Edmund Fitzgerald

On 10 November 1975 a ferocious storm swirled over Lake Superior, the result of two weather systems clashing. It was one of the worst storms in the collective memory of many experiencing it. And caught in the middle was the … Continue reading

“Watch Out!”: New Jersey Shark Attacks of 1916

July 1916 had been a dreadfully hot time for thousands of New Englanders. Combine this with the new craze for swimming and you have busy beaches. In an effort to escape the heat New Englanders took to the sea, swarming … Continue reading

Murder in the Pacific: Whaler Sharon

Howes Norris was married and the father of four when he shipped out as master of the whaler Sharon. He had made quite a few prosperous voyages in the past, hopefully this one would be too. Norris was a hard taskmaster, having … Continue reading

The Wanderer: James Cook

It is almost certain that James and Grace (Pace) Cook could little guess what the future held for their second born, James Cook II. Born 27 October 1728 in Morton-in-Cleveland, Yorkshire, England James II had a knack for wandering and … Continue reading