Inescapable: Prisoners in Colditz

Colditz Castle, Oflag IVC, was supposed to be an inescapable fortress. The Nazi regime had designated it a prison for the exceptional Allied prisoners who proved themselves “high-security risks”. When the first British prisoners of war arrived on 7 November … Continue reading

On the Run: Geronimo

In 1823 Goyahkla was born to Talishim and Juana in what is now the state of New Mexico. He had one sister and was the grandson of a chief.  The Chiricahua Apache infant would come to be known by his Mexican … Continue reading

People In the River: SS Sultana

Built in 1863, the Sultana was meant to be expendable, as other steamboats were. Most ended their short lives due to boiler explosions. She was built to carry 376 passengers. Later her original owners sold her to J. Cass Mason … Continue reading