Printed Words

Here we are in March and I have  not posted one new article in the fresh new year. Boo-hoo, now I feel really bad. Bad, J.G. Last October I received news that I would finally be “in print”. My biography … Continue reading

“What the ice gets, the ice keeps”: Endurance Expedition

“As ice pushed from three different directions converging at one point, which happened to be where Endurance sat, the ship shuddered as she was twisted. And then she began to take on water. If they wanted to save Endurance, the crew would have to move fast. The water was pumped … Continue reading

Christmas Tree Ships: Schuenemann Brothers

The 100th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic pretty much overshadowed the anniversary of other tragic sinkings this year. With all the publicity the Rouse Simmons didn’t have much of a chance at making national headlines. Thanks goes … Continue reading

Big Changes: Harland & Wolff and the White Star Line

Harland and Wolff, the revolutionary builders of the Titanic and her sisters, combined with the prestigious White Star Line made enormous headway in the maritime industry. And inadvertently created a disaster, as we remember the sinking of the Titanic today. … Continue reading