About the Author

This blog started as a result of JG’s rabid love for history. Since she is a person with an insatiable hunger for all things nautical and historical she would like to share all things of that nature through Map of Time. When not haunting Map of Time and other blogs she can usually be found engrossed in a book, knee-deep in books or digging through stacks of books. Because that’s what bookworms do.

A few of JG’s articles have been published by different publications with her most recent appearing in the Titanic Historical Society’s quarterly journal. In between researching two different Titanic-related projects she does write the odd article now and again either for publication on this blog or other media outlets. In 2013 she had to drop her weekly posting schedule due to time constraints, so posts are rather sporadic at present.

In the meantime she would like to thank each and every person who has taken the time stop by Map of Time and read her ramblings as well as her third-person bio.